Could you or someone you know be one of the 1 in 4?

This is Tan Y Maen Wellbeing and Resource Centre

in Blaenau Ffestiniog and we have been working since 1996 to support people in the community who are experiencing mental health problems or challenges. 

Those who come to use our service find a warm welcome, a non judgmental approach to support, a source of advice, information and signposting and a chance to leave their troubles at the door and relax.  The help we give is often very different from their experience of the attitudes toward mental health in the community in which they live.  A combination of a lack of knowledge, lack of experience and the media portrayal of mental health often results in our service users being branded as 'nutters' or 'bonkers'. 

The fact is that 1 in 4 of us at some time in our lives will experience a mental health problem, and because of prejudice and stigma we will hide and deal with that problem by shutting ourselves off from those around us - at the very time that we most need understanding and support. 

The people who use our service are no more 'bonkers' than the next person, no more 'bonkers' than you and with a little help and support are able
to play a full part in community life - including doing cycle rides for charity!

We are all a little bit bonkers and to want to cycle that far we must be!  Why not set your prejudice aside and come and join us for the

'Bonkers Bike Ride' on Saturday 21st September 2013